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Private project

Work in progress

by Oriol Rossich Sun, 11.01.2015

My most recent project - Still WIP

This is also a fanart of one of the Final Bosses in the 'Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story' Nintendo DS Game.

The fawfulized robot version of Princess Peach Castle (yeah an enemy fight never expected). Render done in Cycles, in 110 passes.

Hope to learn soon to rig it and animate it!

Hope you like it :)



Commercial project

Work in progress

by Adrian Netlis Sat, 20.12.2014

New Exciting Game Called 6th Gear


I wanted to tell you so I am making new project called 6th gear. It is game where you can just drive around in sandbox map(in current version) and test your driving skills. It has nice graphics and smooth car model. I am hiring volunteers for this project, who can help me making it Windows and Mac version, cause I have only Linux version now. I also would like to get help of Rendering scenes for ingame videos and trailers. And, of course, the most important, I need financial help, cause I need to buy license for this.




by Bobster Gaming Tue, 16.12.2014

The idea of this project is to bring brilliant creators together! Tell me if you want to join the team and work together. I firstly need a rural landscape.